Friday, August 10, 2007

The Bad Beginning (appologies to Lemony Snicket)

Well, I did get my drawing done way before the deadline, but life has been crazy busy and I'm somewhat ashamed to post the final results, so... I've been dragging my feet on this entry of Wei2Draw. As you can see, the girls' playroom art didn't turn out so great. There was something nice about the sketch when it was small and sketchy, but at 26x30", it's just boring and has an odd high school project feel to it. There are sections that I like - Dani and Alex by themselves, the duck, the elephant... but all together, it's really pretty terrible.

The Final:

In my defense, it really is hard to make art that has to be nice without digital tweaks. There were multiple times I wanted to hit the undo buttom after painting something. EEek! I've become dependant on my computer! It was so bad at one point that I used gouache on top of my water color to paint over a mistake. Gouache is not my forte, to put it mildly. (Deep! I could have used your expertise... oh for the days of having adjoined studios...) So for now, I ordered some animal oriented prints from, simple, digital stuff. They'll suffice until I get some skills back.

There's actually lots of creative stuff going on right now, so I'll try to post some soon. Here's something to whet your appetite:

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