Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Farms and Trees and Rivers, Oh My!

So after dusting off some Illustrator rust, I've finally rendered the sketch from my last post. I'm excited about seeing this in print and even more psyched that they've decided to put it on the website as a clickable image map as well. We'll see how this all wraps up. Suggestions/feedback are very very welcome! Especially if you have access to a high school student. I'd love to know if it's going to catch the eye of the target "market".
Happy drawing, everyone. (yes that means YOU. Go out and draw!)


Dan Z. said...

Looks great! Love those patchwork cornfields, and that bulldozer. And those buildings and cars! The isometric stuff looks kinda outta place perspetive-wise but I know it's hard to resist.
Secret time: When I took one of those career-placement tests with the guidance counselor in high-school, apparently I was (am?!) perfectly suited to be a FLORAL ARRANGER.

avw said...

Looks like you decided to carefully arrange hotrod car parts on paper instead - thank goodness or the world would really be missing out. Flowers DIE, silkcreen prints don't! Thanks for the feedback. I was cheating a bit with the school scene, but I'm hoping it works to get the message across... ;)

Anonymous said...

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