Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's been awhile...

2007? Seriously? It's been that long since I posted here? Crazy. Let's see, what's happened since then... Got a new beautiful office downstairs (thanks Jack!), then I got a new beautiful baby boy (thanks Jack!), then everyone grew bigger, faster, smarter, stronger, and much more fun! Life is definitely busy with 3 kids under 4 (only 2 more weeks of being able to say that. Snif Sob Sob!! My babies!) but with all three kids in school 2 days a week, I have a bit more time to breathe than I did the last time I posted on this blog.

For Ben's first birthday (which was almost a year ago - yikes!) I decided to paint him a growth chart. The construction was inspired by the charts I purchased for the girls, and the medium is acrylic paint, which was not always my friend back in art school. Surprisingly, I LOVE painting in acrylic! I decided to use up left over interior house paint for some colors, especially the background and larger elements. It helped me coordinate the chart with Ben's room as well as saving me from mixing paint, which is not my forte. The chart could never be as cute as Ben, but I tried. ;)

After finishing Ben's chart, I made another similar one for Elizabeth, the first grandchild of my upstate NY dairy farming friends (and grandniece of my best friend!). The lettering on the name is more elaborate and I changed up the colors a bit to make it slightly girlier.

Friends with babies are a good excuse to make something! My Godbrother and his wife will now have a way to measure up their beautiful twin boys. My Godmother did the sneaky research work for me while she visited them in NJ so that the colors matched the room perfectly and I could take on one of its themes - sports equipment. Thanks Aunt Janina!

Each chart folds up to an 8 x 10 book-sized package, for easy storage.

Next - Nathaniel and the beanstalk! Nathaniel is climbing while his brother and dog help him ascend higher. (His cat is also on the beanstalk following him).

Here's how each chart gets finished - with Canson paper covering the fabric connections:

We have many twins in our life, and we feel very lucky to have Charlotte and Julia as our friends! They have very specific things and colors that they LOVE, so each girl got their favorites for their walls. Collaborating with friends is my favorite part of creating something. Thanks Leigh!

I have two more paintings in the works. I'll post pictures soon. They are not growth charts but will adorn Teddy and George's playroom walls. I promise it won't be 3 years between posts now. ;)

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