Monday, July 27, 2015

Five long years

It's hilarious reading my last post... I was upset for waiting 3 years to post and now - 5 have flown by! It's not that I haven't made anything in those five years. But between Facebook and texts to my family, the blog hasn't been on my mind for keeping people updated. But now, I'd like to get back into it. The family blog was always a source of joy (and helped me remember our busy days!) so this is the year to get back to it. And this here creative blog will be fun to populate again too. I'll start with a few "recent" items. Last year in Ben's 1st grade class, I volunteered to help the kids create art to donate to the Sycamore School auction. Each child made a potato print bird and added a leaf to the class tree. Then with the magic of photoshop, we ended up with a cool "flock" for each class. In February, the first graders helped raise over $600 for their school!

Then around March, I decided to try a new method for making growth charts. The former owners of our house left me a whole roll of canvas-style wall paper in the attic. I used gesso and left over wall paint to create the design, and finished the edges with scraps of fabric from my mom. Now my adorable niece has a growth chart that matches her love of dogs with the fabric from her baby quilt.

I like this new growth chart method - it rolls up small for shipping and uses up unwanted supplies. It's not as easy to paint on my desk because of the size, but the floor was comfy enough for a few days of work.

Next time I'll post information about the rain barrel I painted for the Carmel Parks Auction to benefit water conservation signage. Shouldn't be more than 6-7 years before I get to that post, if history continues. ;)

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Chrissa said...

Awesome fun to see you blogging again :-)